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Whats happening on Lake Tanganyika?

The Swim for Nsumbu is an annual charity event for the cause of conserving the biodiversity of Nsumbu National Park and Lake Tanganyika. It challenges competitors to complete a marathon open water swim across the waters of Lake Tanganyika in Zambia, the second deepest and the longest freshwater lake in the world.

The length and course of the swim alters each year but all funds raised by individual swimmers go to the Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Project, run by Frankfurt Zoological Society, and every bit helps in the fight against poaching and ecosystem decline as well as preservation of forests and community empowerment projects and education.

This year the swim is 22kms long and we aim to raise USD$5000 for the cause through individual swimmer sponsorship.

It is estimated the swim will take around 8 hours to complete. Entrants can enter as solo competitors (must be experienced in long range open water swims) or as a fun relay team where members can take turns swimming. We will have several support boats there to accommodate different swimming speeds along the way. Slower swimmers will be picked up and brought up to speed with other swimmers at regular intervals to avoid large gaps for safety reasons.

We offer discounted rates to teams who stay here for the event. Participation fees are $50 per swimmer / non swimmer (support team, must share rooms). Email us for the info pack and entry forms and get training!

The 2022 event: Saturday 23rd April

Have a look at the below slider for pics from the 2020 swim.


Formerly named 'The Zambian National Fishing Competition', the Tanganyika Angling Challenge is a 6 day fishing competition held in Nsumbu / Nsumbu National Park in February / March each year. The competition has a long history, running since the 1980's, but with a new name came much needed changes to make it more eco-friendly and sustainable with new implemented rules giving limits to the amount of dead fish caught per day and incentives to live releases. Any excess funds raised during the competition are also donated the the Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Project, a Frankfurt Zoological Society programme which has successfully aided in halting poaching on the land and in the park waters, allowing iconic animals such as elephants, as well as fish stocks to slowly recover for the benefit of the ecosystem and local communities.

Competitors can stay at Ndole Bay Lodge, along with Mpende Fisheries and Nkamba Bay Lodge, it is a competition that puts even the most seasoned anglers to the test. Starting at 7am daily with the weigh in at 5pm, it is one competition that is comprised of 2 separate competitions, first being the Ultralite - 3 days on 2kg breaking strain line and the second being the main comp, the National - 3 days on 6kg breaking strain line and the last day being a fun half day competition, followed by the prize giving that starts around midday to award the winning teams their prizes and have a laugh.

Each comp may vary slightly with rules as its run by a committee who put requested changes to a vote each year. The cost to enter is around $300 per team, with members limited to 3 per boat. To find out more about joining the competition, email us and we can put you in contact with a committee member or join the group - Tanganyika Angling Challenge to ask questions on the feed. Link here.

We offer discounted rates to teams who stay here for the competition. Contact us for more details.

The 2022 dates: 1st April - 8th April

See pics below from past competitions

“An area of unsurpassed beauty” … David Livingstone.

 More than 100 years later, that description of Lake Tanganyika still holds true. Africa’s most magnificent stretch of water, crystal clear, calm, warm, mysterious and very, very deep.