Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Card Facilities

We do have credit card facilities at Ndole Bay Lodge. Please view the Payment Information page for ways to pay your bill

Swimming in Lake Tanganyika

You can swim safely in the Lake, but we urge a cautious approach. Never swim at night or when visibility in the lake is reduced due to waves, rain, or bad weather. Don't stray from the front of the deck and don't swim too far out. Children must always be directly supervised. We have a staff member on watch whenever clients are in the water during normal swimming times (9,30am to 15.30), be extra cautious if no one is on watch.

We consider swimming at the lodge to be safe and we have never had an incident. We have rock reefs that run out directly from our deck and the snorkeling there is fantastic and an absolute must during your stay.

All our snorkel and dive tours are well supervised and provide the safest supervised in water activities.

How do I get to Ndole Bay?

Please refer to our Getting here page which has indepth directions and maps on all the ways to get here.

How does the restaurant work at Ndole Bay Lodge?

We offer full board basis to our room clients and also have pay as you go meal options for those on a budget or camping. Meals are set menu (due to our remote location) and we try our best to offer fresh fish regularly on the menu. We offer breakfast, light lunch and a 3 course dinner. Our Fish and Chip dinner is renown! 

If you are not full board then meals must be booked 24hrs in advance so we may be prepared for you. Please ask on the day as to what will be offered on the menu.


We have a full english cooked breakfast available between 7:30am - 9am. This consists of cereals, fruit, eggs, beans, a protein option, tomato, toast and tea/ coffee.

Light Lunch:

We have many set menus such as Make your own sandwich or wrap bar. This alters with whatever fresh produce we can source.

3 Course Dinner:

For dinner we offer a sumptuous starter, main and dessert. This menu also alters with whatever fresh produce we can source. For example : Starter- Butternut soup and croutons, Main- Beer battered and grilled Fish and chips with salads, Dessert - Chocolate cake and custard.

Tea/ Coffee Facilities:

We have all day tea/coffee facilities for our full board guests, if you are not full board you can pay for this service.

Food Allergies / Requirements:

If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know on booking so we can do our best to cater to your needs.

I want to Scuba Dive but dont have any experience, can I still try it at Ndole Bay?

We do not have an instructor on site and are only to SCUBA dive with guests who are already certified with an accredited international organization for safety and liability purposes.

NOTE: PRE-BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. This service is not available to guests who arrive without booking.

I may have an existing medical condition that will stop me from diving, what should I do?

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions that you suspect may preclude you from diving, please check the PADI website here and if you answer YES to any, please get a doctors certificate to deem you fit to dive PRIOR to your arrival at Ndole Bay Lodge.

What if I get sick or injured at Ndole Bay Lodge?

We recommended all clients have medical travel insurance prior to your travel to remote areas. We have an extremely basic local clinic here with some medicines available but for extensive or life threatening injuries you will need a charter flight to take you to a good hospital in Lusaka and this can be very expensive without insurance.

The nearest local hospital can be found in Mporokoso township (4 hours away by road).

Do you cater for weddings / special events at Ndole Bay Lodge?

Yes we do. We can take up 28 + pax depending on room configuration and also more in the campsite. We can do special catering for your event. Please contact us for a group qoute and details on how we can make your day a special and unforgettable one.

Do you have WIFI?

Yes we do have WIFI services available in the bar and dining area (sometimes it does go out of service however so please dont rely on it). This is an extra cost and the password can be purchased from the bar daily. This service is free for Full Board clients in rooms only.

Do you get Cell phone reception there?

At the lodge we get MTN and Airtel service. This has improved over the last few years but its not 4G, you can easily make phone calls however. If you drive a few kms out of the lodge near the Ndole Bay School you can get better reception there.

To contact us the best method is to use email or WhatsApp on our lodge phone number and we will reply in between tours with clients.

How much are Zambian National Park Entry Fees

Please note that Zambian National Park Entry fees are quite specific as to currency it must be paid in. These are to be paid in cash at the lodge only as we pay them directly to Parks and Wildlife during your stay.

All fees are per person per day - subject to change, please check when booking your activity.


Park Entry- K25.20 / Angling - K31.50 / Boat Entry- k42 (local registered) / Plane Entry (per plane per day)- K166.80.

Zambian Residents / SADC:

Park Entry - USD$7 / Angling -K31.50 / Boat Entry - USD$30 (foreign registered) / Plane Entry (per plane per day) - USD$50 (foreign registered).


Park Entry - USD$10 / Angling - USD$30 / Boat Entry - USD$30 (foreign registered) / Plane Entry (per plane per day) - USD$50 (foreign registered).

What IS included in Full Board Basis at Ndole bay?

Full board basis includes:

  • 3 set meals a day
  • All day Tea/coffee
  • Accommodation per person sharing
  • Laundry services (pls note we hand wash items)
  • Use of kayaks in front of lodge
  • Use of Snorkel gear in front of lodge
  • Use of library books
  • WIFI 

This may alter if you have been given a discounted rate or a booked package, please enquire on booking.

What is NOT included on Full Board Basis?

Extra cost items are:

  • All activities requiring a boat leaving the lodge, eg. Sunset cruises, snorkel excursions, National Park cruises, Fishing etc.
  • Bar and Drinks
  • Extra snacks or food items from bar
  • National Park Entry Fees
  • Curios from the Boutique
  • Lost lures when Fishing
  • Anything else not listed in What is included section

What about Malaria?

There is malaria present in Zambia and measures should be taken to negate the risks of contracting it. Some precautions are:

  • Take prophalactics
  • Wear mosquito repellant easpecially at dusk
  • Wear light long sleeved clothing and long pants
  • Take extra care in high density populated areas
  • Keep treatment drugs on hand

Can I drink the water from the tap or Lake? What about Bilharzia?

We dont recommend you drink the lake water as it is heavy in minerals and also may contain waterborne disease. Although we do consider the water to be quite clean here due to the fact the water is always moving and not sitting stagnant, we do recommend caution and drink only filtered or bottled water.

Can anyone take part in the Tanganyika Angling Challenge?

Yes, its open to all for entry. Bookings are made up to a year in advance so get in quick if you are interested. Email us for more details on how to enter.