How do our Reduced Rate Transfers work?

If we have any pre-booked transfers with spare seats or dead legs we can offer our clients discounted prices of up to half price on these transfers. This can be a considerable cost if you are travelling on a budget. You must just travel at least one leg on the stated transfer.

Eg. The dead leg is on 9 Dec from Ndole Bay to Mpulungu; so you can travel TO Ndole on the date of your choice but must return on the specified date. This gives you and the other party who originally booked a 25% discount as you both pay for 3 legs.

Most transfer times: Mpulungu > Ndole; around 11:00am / Ndole > Mpulungu; around 7:30am.

Please contact us via email for an accurate quote based on your specific details such as preferred dates and number of people in your group as these may affect the total or surcharges may apply. Bookings are essential.


Please inquire to see if any transfers fall around your proposed dates.

“An area of unsurpassed beauty” … David Livingstone.

 More than 100 years later, that description of Lake Tanganyika still holds true. Africa’s most magnificent stretch of water, crystal clear, calm, warm, mysterious and very, very deep.